The usages of washi tape

Hey, wake up, Tapes Family is going to show you the different usages of washi tape now.

When the beautiful and lovely patterns are printed on washi tape, and washi tape is no longer just tape, they will become DIY good helper. Next, let's take a look how to use washi tape.


Flowers are an indispensable element in embellishment.
Prepare a glass bottle,with a little decoration with washi tape, a beautiful vase is ready.You can also choose and match different patterns according to your mood to make every day different.

Photo,Photo,Photo.Take photos of work and life,want to put all the time axis into the camera, and then? Instead of letting the photos lie in the camera, why not print them out and stick them where they can be seen, decorate the space, and always please yourself.

It is a good chance to use all the washi tapes! Unlock a variety of decorative styles at a time!
The samll flags and a few strings as below are perfect for party time.Choose some favorite washi tapes and cut them into favorite shapes to decorate,make the party atmosphere better.

24 Vase
16 Frame
20 Ornament

4.Wall Paper
Easy to tear by hand and no residule after removing,soft texture can be integrated with the wall and have a good-looking wall without punch.

Paper clip will occasionally make you helpless,normally we just need 2 or 3,but we have to buy a whole box.Now don’t worry,we can make the paper clip into bookmark with washi tape decoration.Nice and practical.

6.Scrapbook & Pen 
There are too many good-looking and easy-to-use hand books on the market, buy a favorite note book and some washi tapes to DIY a wonderful scrapbook.Besides,pencils,erasers,glues as partner of scrapbook,can be also designer by washi tapes.

25 Wall
13 Bookmark
21 Pen

7.Storage box 
How to organize small objects?If you have idle boxes,then make them profitable with washi tape decoration and send the small objects back to home.

8.Gift & Letter
The ritual sense of gifts begins with packaging, washi tape is a good embellishment element. After learning this skill, you may fall in love with giving gifts......

Nothing is better than a transparent glass to be dressed up with washi tape, both parties and solitude.

23 Storage Box
17 Gift
18 Glass


In the bedroom, the wardrobe cleaning is a headache. Especially wooden furniture, no matter how to wipe also not clean, very affect the mood. In this case, use washi tape to beautify these places,after beautification, you can rest assured to place clothing.

11.Lamp & Candle 
Modifying the light with and translucent washi tape to create a lazy atmosphere in bedroom,even candle is no longer monotonous.

15 Drawer
19 Lamp

Tapes Family is a professional washi tape factory with more than 12 years experience,we always committed to research and develop different processes with the idea of novel and fancy,which makes the material diverse, the craft complex, the quality outstanding has become our superiority.So far,we have but not only have:

1 Sticker
4 Gold Foil
3 Silver Foil
5 Holographic
6 Glitter
7 PET Foil
8 PET Printing
9 Overlap
10 Die Cut
11 Stamp
12 Glow

Tapes Family,one-stop to customize your washi tape.

Welcome to share your ideas with us and let’s make them come true.

Post time: Oct-27-2020

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