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For the washi tape, there may be many people who don’t know what this is and how it differs from other tapes, so let us learn about washi tape together.

Washi tape, literally, the material is paper. Yes, you guessed it right. Washi tape is a kind of craft cultural and creative tape that originated in Japan. The main material of washi tape is Japanese paper. It is less adhesive than other tapes on the market, it is usually not sticky. Therefore, the advantage is that the pasted object will not leave a trace after being torn off, especially when it is pasted. Glass products with a smooth surface can have a long-lasting decorative effect. Nowadays, paper tape is so important in the hands of stationery enthusiasts. From well-known overseas and domestic cultural and creative companies to individual-owned cultural and creative products, new vitality has been poured into the design and packaging of washi tapes. Colorful washi tapes are now placed in the most conspicuous position in stationery stores. .Rolls of washi tape are attracting everyone’s attention with the attitude of the whole line.



When it comes to washi tape, almost all enthusiasts will think of hand designs. Although washi tape and hand designs are the perfect partners in the stationery industry, in fact, as long as you have a lot of brainpower, the washi tape can be as magical as you can. Washi tape is now blooming new colors in people’s hands; the rich patterns on the paper tape, the intricate and delicate paper product printing process and the exquisite packaging design make people love it and can’t help but buy it in a stationery store.



There are many styles of paper tape, from the original single color matching washi tape (such as solid color, color matching, etc.) to the washi tape with some decorative materials (color dots, stripes, etc.) to the current style with color matching, there is washi tape that breaks the convention, has complex patterns but is simple, and has a single line but full of emotion. New and old brands are competing with each other, and people are paying more and more attention to original design. Many customized washi tapes with distinctive personal characteristics come into view, making washi tape shine in the cultural and creative industry: various cultural and creative brand meetings and illustration designs In cooperation with the division, a series of illustrations were tailored according to brand characteristics, and the annual limited edition washi tape was launched.



Handbook has gradually become a hot topic among stationery enthusiasts. Although according to the style and aesthetics of each handbook user, the layout of the account text and the selection and use of washi tape vary from person to person, but regardless of whether the handbook user prefers to be minimalist , like MUJI, The Nordic minimalist style, which emphasizes the use of decorations for typographic production, still tends to be casual, bold and visually impactful collage style; there must be a few rich and lovely Japanese paper tapes in the storage cabinet. Then, how to make paper tape styles that can be loved by consumers is the key point that creators need to consider. The simple and simple illustration paper tape is one of the best materials for the collage of the notebook. In the hands of consumers, the small illustration pattern will not affect the writing effect of the notebook, and it can also embellish the entire layout with both text and pictures.


Any industry is inseparable from the combination of market and talents. With the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of cultural communication, people have become more focused on the needs of all aspects of spiritual culture than food, clothing, housing and transportation, driving art and culture Industry development. More and more people are willing to share their unique perspectives and inner world of observing the world, and through the form of artistic creation, combined with common stationery used in life such as washi tape. In addition to cooperating with designers and illustrators, Washi Tape also cooperates with some city-specific landmark buildings and independent original product shops to create an indoor and outdoor world of paper tape. Cross-border in washi tapes makes more and more People outside the hand-book circle knew the washi tape and discovered the infinite charm of washi tape.



Tapes Family has also developed in this industry for 13 years. In these years, we have been forging ahead and have accumulated a lot of experience in continuous innovation and optimization. Now we are simultaneously serving the world Large markets, including Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. Please take a look at the tape in your hand, maybe it is made by us. For many years, we have always adhered to the principle of customer first and design first, and have served countless customers. Some customers have witnessed the progress of Tapes Family and have been with us for more than ten years. Thanks to every customer who made us progress, and also thank every member of Tapes Family for their dedication and dedication. 


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